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Can you renew a passport online?

Traditionally, passports had to be applied for through the mail – using the US Postal Service or dealing directly with the US Department of State.  This traditional way of handling a passport application can take 12 weeks or even more.  In order to help some people who needed to travel a little quicker – the US government established an expedited method of getting a passport.  This still requires using the mail system or visiting the passport office in person.

Things have changed like everything else – and we are in luck.  There are now several ways to apply for passports online, including renewals – all from the convenience of your computer.

Renew passport with US State Department

The US Department of State maintains a website where you can get information directly from the government about how to apply for or renew a passport.  They have forms for you to download and some information can be submitted electronically but most of the documents and other information will still need to be done by mail.  The wait time for application directly with the US government is about 12 weeks or more and your passport will arrive by mail.  If you try for an expedited passport, the process can still take about 4 weeks.  There is a way to get a passport immediately with the government but you have to travel directly to an appointment at one of 28 passport centers – so it definitely isn’t convenient.

Renew passport online

A better way to save your time and make the process easier is to use U.S. Passport Online.  Any type of passport issue can be attended with an online application. You can renew your passport easily online.  If you are in need of a name change, passport replacement or extra passport pages – you can get it all online.  U.S. Passport Online will help you complete the right paperwork and get your passport when you need it.  You will be provided with an individual case manager who will help track your process all the way through.  The service is registered with the US Department of State and our couriers who transport the documents are officially authorized to do so – giving you assurance that your plans are secure and your documents are safe.


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